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Our Vision

Creating a world where work seamlessly integrates with individuals' lives, fostering happiness, authenticity, trust, and love, while nurturing organic collaboration and a sustainable relationship with both humans and nature.

Our Mission

Redefining work, empowering individuals to pursue passions, find fulfillment, and be authentic. We achieve this through innovative tools, knowledge sharing, and connecting diverse expertise and theories. Cultivating trust, love, and collaborative environments where traditional structures take a backseat, enabling individuals to thrive naturally. Together, we promote harmony between humanity and nature, forging a sustainable future.

About us

In an evolving movement, we explore uncharted territories where work transcends boundaries. Enabling individuals to be true to themselves, collaborate organically with trust and love, and live and work harmoniously with one another and nature.

As a collective, we volunteer our time to enable our mission. In our journey we meet many inspiring individuals, projects and collectives. We share the inspiration we find along our way and develop tools, to help others create movement in their context. We also work together with organizations to test and improve our knowledge and tools and to help them transform.


Join us in shaping the future of work and embracing a human-centered approach. Together, let's pioneer a new era of work and make a difference in the world!

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