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Tool: People Pioneers Perspective

In today's fast-changing world, traditional organizational models can feel outdated. What does the ideal organization of the future look like when guided by love and trust, pushing boundaries?

How can we bridge the gap between our current reality and this vision, without reinventing the wheel but building upon existing knowledge?

We've gathered insights from various existing models, including Laloux, Gartner, Employee Experience, Pine & Gillmore, and even classic ones like Mintzberg & Ulrich. What's striking is the evolution: organizations begin with vague outlines, then gradually structure and build processes, organizational hierarchies, and HR systems to function efficiently and equitably.

However, there's a tipping point when efficiency and results are no longer the sole focus. Organizations start to prioritize happiness, meaning, and other intangible aspects. This transition is marked by a departure from rigid structures and processes, aiming to create an environment that fosters trust and creativity, enabling human potential to flourish.

We've devised a maturity model based on these existing frameworks. It allows organizations to assess where they currently stand and envision where they'd like to be.

This is a snapshot of our model that can be used to assess your current maturity and future state, based on the key elements of the employee experience. The full model consists a framework. This helps you to create a state of the art People & Culture Strategy.

People Pioneer Perspective

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We are not an organization that you can hire to consult you in using this model in your organization. We only offer a workshop to educate you to use this model yourself.

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